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Boxycharm Review Reveals Great Value Beauty Subscription Box With A Proven Track Record

Every company out there wants you to subscribe to something nowadays.

boxy charm review

The good news is that this can be a great way to try new products and save money.

The bad news is that some subscription products present poor value for money.

So which camp does popular subscription product Boxycharm fall into?

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Boxycharm Review | The Basics

Boxycharm costs approximately $25 a month (there are lower rates if you subscribe to an annual or quarterly plan). It is one of the most popular beauty subscription boxes in America today and they have a fiercely loyal following online.

In exchange for your $25, they deliver 4-5 full-sized beauty products each month (this selection is random) which are said to have a total value of $100+ at full retail price. They include a mixed selection of major brands and indie brands.

The types of product cannot be predicted each month. Some months you might get a bunch of beauty tools, the next month some haircare items.

It’s worth noting that based on our experience: Boxycharm excels at makeup items and we’d expect more makeup than other products.

One thing we really liked about the Boxycharm service is that you are entitled to choose one of the items in your box each month. That’s quite different from some of the other subscription services out there and it ought to mean you never have a month where you feel like your subscription was a complete dud.

We also like that there’s a free gift for signing up and that’s normally valued around the $40-$50 mark, so, there’s an incentive to give the box a try and if you like the idea of the free gift; it ought to have paid for itself already.

Boxycharm Charm Rewards Scheme

The Charm Rewards idea is a good one which adds additional value to the Boxycharm subscription. It’s a loyalty program that allows you, the customer, to earn money for referring friends to their website and for reviewing certain products in the BoxyCharm boxes.

This is good for Boxycharm, of course, because it helps sell products and ensures they’ve got plenty of testimonies for the excellence of their products.

But each charm is worth $1 and they mount up pretty quickly to allow you to buy some really nice products for no cash investment. We think that’s a fair trade off and makes it worth writing reviews and giving people you know the nod about the service.

Boxycharm Sample Box Reviewed

We’ve taken apart September’s Boxycharm box to let you know what you can expect when you subscribe.

The box included: Too Faced Natural Face Palette (RRP: $44), Dr. Brand Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask (RRP: $52), Moda Brushes 5 Piece Brush Kit (RRP: $27.95), Hank & Henry Beauty Liquid Liner in Blickity Black (RRP: $17) and Billion Dollar Brows The Microblade Effect Brow Pen (RRP: $18).

We like the palette very much. We felt that it complemented our skin tones and that there was enough of a range of color choices that most people would be happy with it. The Pink Wink was our favorite as it had a novelty charm that we wouldn’t have picked out ourselves, but it gave our cheeks a real apple-sweet appeal.

Dr. Brandt products are top quality and while we’re not convinced that every woman needs a “recovery sleeping mask”, we can say that we really enjoyed using it. Our skin did look healthier, younger and more relaxed after using it. Though, we’re not sure how much of that was down to the mask and how much of it was down to the sleeping.

The Moda brushes are an excellent product and we weren’t surprised to find that they were a solid collection of brushes for most of your everyday eyecare needs.

The eye liner from Hank & Henry is one of our favorite products ever from a beauty subscription box; the finish is lovely, and it lasts well. We also liked the slightly “off-black” color which wasn’t as harsh as some other similar products.

The Microblade Effect Brow Pen wasn’t so great, for us, we found that it stopped working halfway through application because it was being clogged by our foundation. The product does make your brows look great but it’s too much work for the reward.

Overall, we felt that this combination of products represented incredible value and it’s a subscription fee well spent.

Final Thoughts

Boxycharm has been around since 2013 which, for a subscription box, makes them practically ancient in Internet terms. That means you can rely on them to deliver high quality makeup products every month without fail.

We feel that at the price, they’re very competitive, we like the extra free stuff and the Charm rewards program and would be very happy to recommend their service to anyone looking for some value makeup each month.

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