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Free Safer Skies: For Birds & People Luggage Tags

You may not know it but human activity kills millions, possibly billions of birds each year. And it does so by accident. If you want to help you can get some free Safer Skies: For Birds & People Luggage Tags!

North America’s birds are in trouble. In October 2019, the National Audubon Society released a report suggesting that two-thirds of North America’s bird species will be vulnerable to extinction if Earth continues to warm according to current trends. The report followed an equally startling paper published in Science, which found that the continent’s bird population has shrunk by almost three billion breeding adult birds since 1970.

Climate change, habitat loss, pesticide usage, collisions with windows, and cats are among the largest causes of bird declines in the U.S., but accidental deaths from industrial activities are also significant, according to Fish and Wildlife Service estimates.

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