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Free Yves Saint Laurent Fresh & Clean Eau de Toilette Fragrance 

This smells great! Get some free Yves Saint Laurent Fresh & Clean Eau de Toilette Fragrance!

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Awaken your skin with the natural healthy glow finish and 24 hours of hydration foundation paired with the fatigue defying and instant brightening magic wand for a flawless coverage that leaves your skin with an illuminated finish.

How to Claim: Click request sample now, below, and then there is not a direct link to this sample. It must show up in your feed to order the sample. Once you see the ad, click the ‘Get Offer’ button on their Facebook post & fill in the pop-up form. Unfortunately, not everyone will find it as it does seem to be targeted to select users. If you don’t find it, sometimes the trick is to interact with the brand (like and comment on their posts) on Facebook or Instagram and then you may notice the offer will appear in your news feed a little later.

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